Why Hornmark K.K.?

Hornmark K.K. has been working for more than 20 years mainly to promote Swedish business in Japan. With Sweden joining the European Union, a wider approach to work for companies from all over Europe is a natural expansion for Hornmark K.K.
Our skills basically revolve around solving how the foreign company can most efficiently enter and work in Japan.
We aspire to be the bridge between European companies and the Japanese market.

As the European market is enlarged due to the creation of the E.U. and the Japanese companies are struggling against the strong Yen the Japanese companies need to go abroad to increase production and also to join the international exchange of R&D, production sharing, marketing and sales. As we understand, both the Japanese and the foreign companies hope to see increased efforts in realizing this internationalization. Hornmark K.K. has been introducing Japanese business to Sweden and would like to do so for other European countries as well.

Why Japan?
  • It is a big market.
  • It is hard to get in but nice to be in.
  • A good price level for good products.
  • It is a low risk market.
  • There are tough competitors - it strengthens the products.
  • Competitors can be checked.
  • Japan is economically more than half of Asia. It is therefore a base for business in Asia.
  • Big Japanese companies tend to move as a group. This gives chances for niche work or "against the stream" approaches.
  • To learn to work with Japanese companies for project cooperation, component purchase, etc.
  • The best foreign companies are successful in Japan. If you can succeed in Japan, you can succeed anywhere.
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