2. Once the foreign company is selling in Japan there is still much that has to be done.
A company has to be built for sales, maintenance and service.
We assist in establishing these companies and over the years have been involved in a myriad of related questions. Some of the obstacles when creating these organizations are the following:

a. A difficulty is always to find good foreign or Japanese staff for the operations in Japan.

We are regularly involved with such problems and can help to define what to look for, even suggest what people to employ and what people not to employ!

b. The Japanese organizations or agents are not behaving as the foreign company had hoped for.

In this case, an analysis from the foreign and Japanese perspective that we represent can be valuable. We can do a research quickly and suggest what actions to take.

c. In certain cases, the product should be produced in Japan - if so, how?

We were involved in the
establishment of 5-6 factories in Japan. Actually, due to the skills of the Japanese workers, production in Japan is easy to arrange and turn out productive.

d. A special type of business is governmental or quasi-governmental sales

Here an "own operation" or an agent may not be the best solution. Alternatively, Hornmark K.K. can work as a prolonged arm sales company for the foreign company. Especially in the defense and in the nuclear area we have a long and unique experience. We have sold defense products to the Japan Defense Agency for the last several years.

3. Even a good operation in Japan can become better.

Acquisitions of Japanese companies, new business areas, new customers groups, new people, good specialists, part time consultants, etc. can open new doors to sales and profit. Equally, bad operations may have to be cut down through the reduction of staff, closing of offices, etc. We have worked for five of the six largest Swedish companies in Japan on different assignments to improve their operation. The opportunities for foreign companies in Japan to develop business with their Japanese partners have untapped potential. the active foreign company in Japan can pick up technology, components, products for other markets as well as for Japan

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